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Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Hydreight Las Vegas is the answer for the morning after a Bachelor's and Bachelorette's Party! We offer a mobile iv hydration service that will come to your hotel room. One of our IV Specialists will administer an IV Drip for hangover and have you feeling better in an hour! Learn more about Hydre...

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Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Do you suffer from Inflammation? Here are three ways to help you deal with the pain and reduce and reverse this condition; anti-inflammatory foods, vitamin D and iv infusion therapy. Let our Hydreight Las Vegas IV Specialists come to you! Download our App and book and appt. now. https://hydreight...

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Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Looking for an IV Bar in Las Vegas to get an energy boost or perhaps eliminate a hangover after a night of partying? Look no further, Hydreight Las Vegas IV Specialists come right to you. Whether it's poolside, in your hotel room or at the office, we have you covered. Download our App and book an...

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Posted on Oct 31, 2018

Too much sugar can cause dehydration. When your blood sugar levels are high, your kidneys react by producing more urine to eliminate some of that sugar. This is more common in people with diabetes or who take certain medications, but if enough sugar is ingested, dehydration can happen to anyone. ...

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Posted on Oct 29, 2018

When to Get IV Therapy for Flu Symptoms?
The flu, short for influenza, is defined as, “A highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory passages causing fever, severe aching, and catarrh, and often occurring in epidemics.” Once or twice a year, these epidemics sweep the nation. We call this...

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Posted on Oct 24, 2018

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is defined as, “A debilitating disorder characterized by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition.” CFS is also referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or systemic exertion intoleranc...

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Posted on Oct 23, 2018

Whether you were out late entertaining clients, attended a bachelor party, or just had a few too many with dinner, chances are you won’t feel one-hundred percent the next day. There’s no question about it, hangovers are unpleasant. Depending on how much you drank, you could be suffering anything ...

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Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Are you in need of a quick pick me up? Maybe you're suffering from a hangover as a result of your party last night in Las Vegas? If you are in need of mobile IV hydration, book an appointment with a Hydreight IV Specialist who will come to you, home, work, or hotel room. Download the Hydreight Ap...

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Posted on Oct 19, 2018

What is Glutathione?
Have you ever heard of glutathione? It may well be the most important molecule for staying healthy and preventing disease. Glutathione is an antioxidant produced naturally by the body’s cells. It is comprised of three main amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. It is...

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Mobile IV Therapy

Learn More About Mobile IV Therapy Service in Las Vegas   

These days, most everything can be done on mobile, including much needed self-care.   Imagine waking up with a major hangover or having to deal with jet lag after a long-haul flight. 

You need fast-acting, safe and effective relief, and you want it stat.   What you need is Hydreight.   Hydreight offers mobile IV therapy service in Las Vegas. This means that, using a mobile application, you can book a nearby specialist to go to your house, office or hotel—wherever you are—for an IV therapy.   

How Can IV Therapy Help You?   

IV therapy—the direct administration of vitamins and minerals into the blood stream—has been used by doctors and medical professionals to manage a range of conditions including dehydration, nutrient-absorption disorders, migraine, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, among others.   It is also used to help people who want a safe and effective nutritional, energy, athletic, immunity or beauty boost.[1]   

When correctly administered by a certified medical professional, IV infusion therapy is an efficient form of treatment because it goes directly into the blood stream, so the effects are more immediately felt.   

Known benefits of IV infusion therapy include:

-         Faster recovery from flu symptoms
-         Increased energy
-         Stronger immune system
-         Refueling of dehydrated muscles
-         Boosting physical performance
-         Flushing out the toxins
-         Promoting more restful sleep 
-         Improving cognitive functions 
-         Improving overall complexion
-         Reducing signs of aging
-         Helping keep the body in top shape.
Why book Hydreight’s mobile IV therapy service?  

Whether it’s a scheduled treatment or a much-needed quick energy boost, Hydreight prioritizes safe, efficient and convenient mobile IV therapy for all its clients.   All treatments are administered by licensed and highly qualified medical professionals. 

Our team of Las Vegas IV specialists are carefully trained and assessed to ensure that the service we provide is bar none.   Hydreight has a new and user-friendly mobile app that lets you check the nearest qualified IV specialist. 

It also lets you track their actual distance in real time.   Cash and credit card payments are accepted, to make it more convenient for clients. Payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay are also in the pipeline.   

What IV drip treatments does Hydreight offer in Las Vegas?   

Our IV infusions address various needs of physically and socially active individuals. 

    ·         The Royal Flush: Complete and all-in-one treatment that will detoxify, hydrate and rejuvenate. Clients get electrolytes, B complex and Glutathione in just one infusion.   

  ·         Forever Young: This treatment is for those looking to stimulate their metabolism, support their weight-loss plan and boost their energy levels. Clients get a safe combination of electrolytes and B complex.   

  ·         Power House: This treatment is ideal for those who are looking to recover from a strenuous activity or to prepare for one. Clients get electrolytes plus Glutathione.   

  ·         The Weekend Warrior: One benefit of mobile IV hydration is quick recovery from hangover, jet lag or dehydration due to acute illnesses. Discover why Hydreight is an effective hangover cure in Las Vegas with this infusion that balances your body’s fluid and electrolytes.       

Why should you consider IV hydration therapy?   

IV therapy is not just a passing fad. Licensed Naturopathic doctors use IV therapy to manage a patient’s nutritional status. Studies show that IV vitamin therapy can help replenish vitamins and minerals effectively because it does not have to go through the digestive system, thus ensuring 100% absorption.   

The process of swallowing food and medication to how it is broken down to essential amino acids is a long and complex journey. There are many steps along the way. Food or medication passes down the esophagus to the stomach and then to the small intestine. 

From there, it goes to the blood and then the amino acids are carried to the liver. From here, food or medication is either transported to the blood or excreted. In this process, some nutrients can get lost in the way.[2] 

This is why IV therapy is important and largely beneficial.   There are various factors that affect our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

These factors include age, pre-existing health conditions, genetics and other food and medications that interact with nutrients. A mobile IV therapy service like Hydreight can help ensure that our bodies achieve optimal wellness through better absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

This is crucial so our bodies can fight off illnesses and so we can perform at our best, physically and mentally.[3]   If you are an exhausted young professional, an athlete preparing for a major competition, or if you simply want to look and feel better despite the daily rigors of work and social life, download the Hydreight app now to learn more about mobile IV therapy and to experience its life-changing benefits for yourself. 

Interested in the mobile IV therapy business model? You can also visit Hydreight’s official website to find out how you can be a partner IV specialist or a strategic area partner in Las Vegas.

410 South Rampart Suite 390
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

[1] https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/2016-07-07/should-you-try-iv-therapy 
[2] https://ellymcguinness.com/blog/iv-vitamin-therapy/
[3] https://www.healthline.com/health/under-review-IV-vitamin-therapy#1

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