This was a recent review from another happy customer of ours at Hydreight Las Vegas! We provide mobile iv services for Las Vegas and come to see you! Talk about convenience, we save you both time and money!

Download our free app today and book your first appt. with us right from your phone. We w...

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Intravenous or iv therapy is the quickest way to provide the body the nutrition it vitally needs. IV’s allow the vitamins & nutrients to go directly into the bloodstream.

IV therapy makes it possible to improve vitamin deficiencies, to rehydrate the body, and re-energize how you feel.

If yo...

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IV Vitamin drips have gone mobile! This is the best way to get the nutrients you need absorbed into the body quickly and at close to 100%. Taking vitamins by pill orally only has at best a 5-10% absorption rate.
Dr. John Meyers developed and administered the very first IV vitamin drips in the 19...

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When you’re parched, you consume water and your thirst is supposedly quenched, correct? Being thirsty happens as a result of a complex feedback mechanism that resides in the brain. If you have a cotton mouth the morning after a night of drinking alcohol and you drink a few bottles of water upon w...

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Do you know that only 5-10% of the vitamin supplements via pill form you take are actually absorbed into the body and get where they need to go? And, this is "only if" they are of high quality. Would you like to try IV Infusion Therapy by Hydreight Las Vegas and have 100% of all the nutrients, vi...

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Not feeling your best? Feeling rundown or maybe you are start to feel sick? Maybe you just want a boost in preparation for an athletic event...whatever it may be, IV Services Las Vegas has your solution. The Hydreight Las Vegas team has IV Specialists that come to see you and administer an IV tha...

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Are you aware that dehydration accounts for over 200 different symptoms/ailments in the human body? People are doing one of two things that hurt their health;

1. They don't drink enough water
2. Their body is not absorbing the water they are drinking, therefore not getting enough into the cells...

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Be proactive with your health! Don't wait until you are dehydrated to do something about it. The moment you feel thirsty means you are already dehydrated. Stay hydrated with IV Hydration in Las Vegas by Hydreight Las Vegas. We come to you! Simply download our free App and book an appt. day and ti...

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If you are looking for mobile iv services that come to you instead of you having to travel, Hydreight Las Vegas is your solution! We have a great iv drip menu to choose from that can aide in eliminating migraines, chronic fatigue, jet-lag, stimulating energy and the list goes on. Download our fre...

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a month ago
I work as a dancer and recently discovered the Fountain of Youth IV at Hydreight Las Vegas and feel brand new! Las Vegas never sleeps and whether you are working or playing, you will always need energy; there is always something to do, new sights to see, and exciting food to eat. The Fountain of Youth IV has helped regain my energy levels, made me look even more beautiful and even lose weight effortlessly. My hectic lifestyle is no longer a problem. Next time you are in town, make sure to check out Hydreight Las Vegas to help you recharge and look great! I definitely recommend them for boosting your vitality in general!
- Gloria P
3 weeks ago
Show business is big business in Las Vegas and at our prestigious hotel, we look after the needs of many celebrities. Hydreight Las Vegas have assisted us in making our service even better by partnering with us and introducing IV therapy to our clientele. The benefits of this has increased our client base and we have even more celebrities checking in. Personally, I use the Hydreight's iv service on a weekly basis and it has helped me control my weight. An issue that I had struggled with for years! Offering Hydreight IV’s as a service package has classified us as cutting-edge. Their friendly and professional IV specialists make our clients feel welcome and at home. Our clients leave here highly impressed and feeling great! Think out the box, think Hydreight Las Vegas!
- Darlene F
2 months ago
I have suffered from a weak immune system all my life and am therefore constantly ill and always on some sort of medication or supplement to boost my immunity. The treatment is terribly costly and most of what I need is not paid for or covered by health insurance. A close friend spoke to me to Hydreight Las Vegas and I thought I would give it this a closer look. On visiting their website, I was impressed by what I saw and even further impressed that they had an app. I booked my appointment on a day that I was feeling extremely sick; their mobile nurse showed up within the hour and stated me on an IV. Almost as soon as the drip was administered, I started feeling better. I am super grateful to Hydreight for recognizing this need and filling it!
- Marty H

Mobile IV Therapy

Learn More About Mobile IV Therapy Service in Las Vegas   

These days, most everything can be done on mobile, including much needed self-care.   Imagine waking up with a major hangover or having to deal with jet lag after a long-haul flight. 

You need fast-acting, safe and effective relief, and you want it stat.   What you need is Hydreight.   Hydreight offers mobile IV therapy service in Las Vegas. This means that, using a mobile application, you can book a nearby specialist to go to your house, office or hotel—wherever you are—for an IV therapy.   

How Can IV Therapy Help You?   

IV therapy—the direct administration of vitamins and minerals into the blood stream—has been used by doctors and medical professionals to manage a range of conditions including dehydration, nutrient-absorption disorders, migraine, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, among others.   It is also used to help people who want a safe and effective nutritional, energy, athletic, immunity or beauty boost.[1]   

When correctly administered by a certified medical professional, IV infusion therapy is an efficient form of treatment because it goes directly into the blood stream, so the effects are more immediately felt.   

Known benefits of IV infusion therapy include:

-         Faster recovery from flu symptoms
-         Increased energy
-         Stronger immune system
-         Refueling of dehydrated muscles
-         Boosting physical performance
-         Flushing out the toxins
-         Promoting more restful sleep 
-         Improving cognitive functions 
-         Improving overall complexion
-         Reducing signs of aging
-         Helping keep the body in top shape.
Why book Hydreight’s mobile IV therapy service?  

Whether it’s a scheduled treatment or a much-needed quick energy boost, Hydreight prioritizes safe, efficient and convenient mobile IV therapy for all its clients.   All treatments are administered by licensed and highly qualified medical professionals. 

Our team of Las Vegas IV specialists are carefully trained and assessed to ensure that the service we provide is bar none.   Hydreight has a new and user-friendly mobile app that lets you check the nearest qualified IV specialist. 

It also lets you track their actual distance in real time.   Cash and credit card payments are accepted, to make it more convenient for clients. Payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay are also in the pipeline.   

What IV drip treatments does Hydreight offer in Las Vegas?   

Our IV infusions address various needs of physically and socially active individuals. 

    ·         The Royal Flush: Complete and all-in-one treatment that will detoxify, hydrate and rejuvenate. Clients get electrolytes, B complex and Glutathione in just one infusion.   

  ·         Forever Young: This treatment is for those looking to stimulate their metabolism, support their weight-loss plan and boost their energy levels. Clients get a safe combination of electrolytes and B complex.   

  ·         Power House: This treatment is ideal for those who are looking to recover from a strenuous activity or to prepare for one. Clients get electrolytes plus Glutathione.   

  ·         The Weekend Warrior: One benefit of mobile IV hydration is quick recovery from hangover, jet lag or dehydration due to acute illnesses. Discover why Hydreight is an effective hangover cure in Las Vegas with this infusion that balances your body’s fluid and electrolytes.       

Why should you consider IV hydration therapy?   

IV therapy is not just a passing fad. Licensed Naturopathic doctors use IV therapy to manage a patient’s nutritional status. Studies show that IV vitamin therapy can help replenish vitamins and minerals effectively because it does not have to go through the digestive system, thus ensuring 100% absorption.   

The process of swallowing food and medication to how it is broken down to essential amino acids is a long and complex journey. There are many steps along the way. Food or medication passes down the esophagus to the stomach and then to the small intestine. 

From there, it goes to the blood and then the amino acids are carried to the liver. From here, food or medication is either transported to the blood or excreted. In this process, some nutrients can get lost in the way.[2] 

This is why IV therapy is important and largely beneficial.   There are various factors that affect our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

These factors include age, pre-existing health conditions, genetics and other food and medications that interact with nutrients. A mobile IV therapy service like Hydreight can help ensure that our bodies achieve optimal wellness through better absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

This is crucial so our bodies can fight off illnesses and so we can perform at our best, physically and mentally.[3]   If you are an exhausted young professional, an athlete preparing for a major competition, or if you simply want to look and feel better despite the daily rigors of work and social life, download the Hydreight app now to learn more about mobile IV therapy and to experience its life-changing benefits for yourself. 

Interested in the mobile IV therapy business model? You can also visit Hydreight’s official website to find out how you can be a partner IV specialist or a strategic area partner in Las Vegas.

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[1] https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/2016-07-07/should-you-try-iv-therapy 
[2] https://ellymcguinness.com/blog/iv-vitamin-therapy/
[3] https://www.healthline.com/health/under-review-IV-vitamin-therapy#1

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